Feature Friday: Grace Life Church-Anything But Ordinary!

July 5, 2019

Hello Friends!

Welcome to our first Feature Friday blog post!  We are so excited about sharing local businesses with you and for our first feature, we want to tell you a little bit about our church, Grace Life Church – Anything but Ordinary. And that’s more than just a tagline…it’s the truth! We are moving into a new building and it’s the perfect time for me to share about why we love GLC so much!

Grace Life has been a huge part of our lives since 2014 when the church decided to plant a bar church in Montgomery. A local bar owner and beloved member of the community, Brad Gill, offered the use of his bar, Rock Bottom, at no cost. I had been resisting the idea of going back to church after being a bit disappointed by legalism. I felt like I would never find a church where I could truly be myself. Then one day, my acoustic band mate, David Burbey, asked if I’d be willing to put together a worship set list for a church that met in a bar. Well, I was intrigued to say the least! I reluctantly agreed but as soon as I experienced the unconditional love of this amazing church family, I knew I’d found my home. My marriage was broken. I, myself was broken. As I came to fully understand God’s Grace and Love, things started happening organically in my life…I felt close to God in a way I’d never experienced before.

My husband and I reconciled after a two year separation and he began coming to church with me. I was leading worship in a BAR and God was MOVING.  These people were real and authentic and accepting. They promised not to be “judgey” and they actually held to that promise!  They looked deeper into people than the surface “mess”. They believed God was big enough to handle the mess, and that our job was to love, support and encourage. It was incredible!  I saw lives transforming all around me. The kind of transformation that happens from the inside out! We’ve all seen the other kind of transformation…the kind we force because of other peoples expectations or fear of an angry God. But this was so different. So real. People started noticing the changes in me. I started sharing Grace boldly with anyone who was willing to listen (and some who weren’t! lol) Eventually Bar Church shut it’s doors but the impact it made on me would never fade. We merged seamlessly back into the fold of our main campus in Prattville. The YMCA was our meeting place and we desperately wanted our own space but we were waiting and raising money to make that dream a reality. It is finally happening!

404 West 4th Street in downtown Prattville will be our new home! We are stepping out on faith and moving our services to the new location even without A/C. Not having to carry a mortgage AND a lease payment each month will help us save more for the A/C and, as a family, we are ready to make it happen no matter what! With our own space we can help more people and create a much larger impact within our community. I am honored to be part of this church family and want to share with you what our Pastor, Phil Bevilacqua says about Grace Life (paraphrased):

Grace Life …..
We are a GRACE church…No mixture of law and Grace. Simply put, we believe what Jesus DID on the cross was enough! Grace is the empowerment to live an extraordinary life… the Grace life! It’s simple: we love Jesus with every fiber and HE will be the center of Grace Life, not the leadership or a man. The focus should be JESUS and what HE has done (GRACE)! This is the way for you to truly reign in life…THE GRACE LIFE…The Sweet Life…ALL THIS COMES TOGETHER TO SAY WE WILL BE FREE IN HIM….FULL OF PASSION FOR HIM… FREE TO BE WHO GOD MADE US TO BE… THERE WILL BE NO CONTROL OR MANIPULATION FROM US…WE WILL GROW BECAUSE OF HIM… AND WE WILL NOT BE CONTROLLED BY WHAT PEOPLE THINK CHURCH SHOULD BE, BUT BY WHAT THE HOLY SPIRIT LEADS US TO BE! Grace Life is a judgment free zone with no critics…..We just love people…. come as you are and leave as HE is…. Righteous and free! As HE is, so ARE YOU in this world! We love you no matter what, where, or how….. it’s just who we are! Hope this helps answer any questions. Grace and Peace be multiplied to you!!!!!

We invite you to join us this Sunday at 10:05 a.m. at 404 WEST 4TH ST PRATTVILLE, AL for our very first service in our new home. Dress for the warm weather…don’t bother with makeup or nice clothes, just come as you are! We have huge fans that will help keep us cool and we are excited to break our new building in with an amazing first service!  We are just a bunch of real people who love others unconditionally with no pretenses or expectations. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but if you feel like you don’t belong or wouldn’t be accepted in a church because of (insert reason here) then you should give us a try. We are real. We are human. We make mistakes, but we know we are loved. And so are you! Hope to see you soon!

Check back next week and see who we feature next!

Thanks for reading and following along with us in our journey!

Caryl and Chuck