We’re All in This Together!

April 14, 2020

Hello Friends,

A lot has changed since my last post. Wow. That’s the understatement of the CENTURY. Over the past couple of months our reality and routines have been completely turned upside down by the novel Coronavirus. The entire world is united in a fight against an invisible foe. People are hurting and we are all grieving the loss of life as we knew it along with loss of loved ones, loss of jobs and income, loss of personal contact and even the ability to hug our friends, celebrate weddings and comfort each other at funerals.

All non-essential businesses have been ordered to shut down and our economy is, for the first time in my lifetime, basically frozen in place. It’s the great PAUSE that none of us ever thought could possibly happen in our fast paced society. I’m not here to make light of this enormous tragedy and struggle but I do want to encourage you to notice the “pause”. Take a deep breath. We are living through a moment in history unlike anything our society has ever experienced. Yes it’s tragic and painful without a doubt, but it is also bittersweet and some would say, long overdue. Scientists are reporting that our atmosphere has less pollution. The earth is healing itself a bit while we are doing our part to “flatten the curve” by staying home. People are coming together (from a safe social distance) to help those in need. Creatives and entertainers are finding innovative ways to share their gifts through live feeds and virtual shows. I, personally, am enjoying a MUCH needed break. Yes the cancelled sessions are heartbreaking and I miss my amazing clients and their sweet babies, but we will reschedule and capture amazing moments when all of this is over and it’s safe to shoot again.

I honestly didn’t realize until this happened just how little time I was actually spending with my kiddos. Now that I’m home and my workload has been cut by 90% (shout out to all my non-essential business owners out there!) I have bonded and reconnected with my kids in a way I didn’t even know we desperately needed! We even installed an above ground pool (all by ourselves! #DIYdesperate) to help us get through this long quarantine summer at home and have found so many creative ways to connect and create lasting memories. I have a feeling ten years from now when I ask my girls what they remember about the Coronavirus Pandemic, they will say something like: “Oh yeah…you mean when summer started 2 months early, we got a pool, swam all summer and got to play with you everyday!?!” YES! that! Side note to the all you amazing Mamas out there: If you have kids and are scared of how this might be affecting them, I feel your pain. It’s scary. But kids are resilient and have a way of finding the fun in everything. So don’t feel bad about the extra screen time or needing to take an hour for self care. They will probably remember this as the BEST summer ever!

I read something in an article recently that was truly profound…the author pointed out that when all of this ends and we return to a new normal, we get to CHOOSE what things to add back into our lives. Our plates have been emptied of everything for a collective moment and we get to decide what to add back in as we move forward. That is a GIFT of EPIC proportions. I am going to be thinking very carefully over the next few weeks about my priorities and what things are important enough to make the cut. I know we will get through this. It has been and will be painful but we are all in this together and it’s not about how hard you fall, but what you do when you get back up!

I haven’t been shooting since the stay at home order was issued but I did get the immense pleasure of documenting a very unique wedding for a dear friend before the official order went into effect. It was a beautifully intimate yet socially distant event, and even the bride’s parents strictly adhered to the 6 foot guideline to reduce their risk of exposure. Terrie and Drew couldn’t wait to commit their lives to each other and wouldn’t let anything stand in their way…not even a world-wide pandemic! There were only 10 people present including my son and I. (Speaking of my son Cameron, he is now our official videographer and we will be offering videography as part of our wedding collections in the future! Click here to watch Terrie and Drew’s wedding video by CJC Videography!) Three of the bride’s four children were present but sadly, one of her sons could not travel from California due to travel restrictions, so we included him in the pictures via Facetime! It was one of the highlights of their day and a super special moment that we were honored to capture.

Here are a few images from their sweet front porch ceremony. And of course a Coronavirus wedding wouldn’t be complete without masks!

Y’all take care and stay safe and healthy. Wash your hands, #stayhome and remember, we are ALL in this together and as Glennon Doyle says, “We can do hard things.”

Yes we can.