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Most families invest in photography sessions only to receive discs of beautiful images that sit in a drawer for months or even years. We offer a luxury portrait experience that makes it simple for you to capture your family's most memorable moments and display them beautifully in your home!  Our in-home Premier Night and Design Consultation allows us to do all of the hard work for you. We even bring gourmet dessert! Contact us today to schedule your initial phone consultation and become part of our Grace Girl VIP Family!

is to love and serve our clients with excellence and integrity!  

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10 things you should know about caryl

no. 1

I’m not a coffee connoisseur…Almost any coffee will do. But without it I’m not really….HUMAN.

my day doesn't start until coffee o'clock

no. 2

I could eat Sushi 3 meals a day

Crazy Roll, Volcano Roll, Rainbow Roll….oh my!

no. 3

…like seriously, if you’re funny, please bring an inhaler!

When I laugh too hard, I wheeze

no. 4

We have two adorable fur babies we rescued! I really think rescue pups KNOW what you’ve saved them from! They are so grateful just to be loved and safe…it’s one of the sweetest, most rewarding things ever!

I love animals and volunteer in rescue (Adopt before you Shop!)

no. 5

Every BODY is a GOOD body! I believe Health at Every Size is possible and that we as a culture need to be way more size inclusive. I think every person is beautiful and that you will shine even more brightly when you see that beauty within yourself!

I am a huge advocate of the Body Positive movement.

no. 6

Music is the universal language and an invaluable creative outlet for me as an artist! Even better when I am able to combine both of my passions and photograph live music events!

I sang opera at Carnegie Hall when I was 15…now I sing Rock and Country.

no. 7

(Remind me I said that next time my kids are acting like heathens!)

I love being a mom! 

no. 8

I cry when I see people being kind to one another. I cry when my kids reach big milestones. I cry when I watch Marley & Me even though I’ve seen it 6 times. I cry during America’s Got Talent. I’m a sucker for an underdog success story! 

I cry at the drop of a hat over anything touching or emotional.

no. 9

I want to spend 2 or 3 months in Europe, China, India, etc. backpacking and making friends with locals, photographing random people and documenting their unique stories. I want to photograph ALL THE THINGS and meet ALL THE PEOPLE I possible can. Oh and the food. Definitely want to try ALL THE FOOD. haha

I want to see the entire world and capture it in pictures

no. 10


I am married to the most amazing husband any girl could ask for


Everyone in my community calls me a Grace Girl so it just made sense that it should become the name of our business!

grace is my "why"

"My wife and I have used Caryl for 5 different photo sessions and she has knocked it out of the park for every one: A couples session, engagement session, our wedding, my wife's bridal session, and a newborn session for our youngest child. Caryl is a dream to work with if we lived closer she would have done 5 other sessions for us by now. She is friendly, cheerful, punctual, and has exceeded our expectations every time. Cannot recommended Caryl enough!"

Blake + Rachel H.

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